forever HSJ forever vampire kings >//////////


Saw this on twitter again.. Lol
Yuto kissing Hikaru xD (and Hikaru getting creeped out by it hahaha)

Credit to the owner.

My beloved two kings hikaru and king yuto kissing kyaaaaaaaa

strangerontheinside said: "Got it?" Khan asks, his gaze imploring. You look at him, his hands cuffed behind his back, to the locked door that is your only way out, then to the heart rate sensor snug on your wrist. You nod, excitement curling in your belly. The look on his face is predatory. He steps closer to the table you're sitting on, his movements precise and undeniably sexy. You can see the muscles in his chest and thighs flex as he bends forward. "Good. Let's see what I can do to your heart without my hands, then."


He kisses you, once, softly, and then again, this time rough and hungry and god he tastes so good. His tongue snakes around yours, and then he pulls away briefly, leaving you staring and frustrated and desperately wanting more. His darkening eyes sweep down over you, and then his mouth descends to your neck. His teeth take a sliver of your skin. You hiss at the sudden streak of pain, clenching your eyes shut as it races through you, and then there’s only wet heat that slides across your throat, pulling at you until you can’t help but let out a moan, arching towards him, wanting him closer. Your heart is already pounding, but it’s not quite enough to trigger the sensor on your wrist.

master hikaru with my beloved king yuto their look alike was so kowaii and >/////////////////////////////////////<

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>////////////////////////////////////////////////////< (too shy to say anything)HAZUGASHII >/////////////////<

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my fave king of my heart besides HSJ i super love kentaro yasui >///////////////////////////////< 

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king yuto and prince raiya &gt;//////////////////&lt; the two vampire that i love alot

king yuto and prince raiya >//////////////////< the two vampire that i love alot

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i don’t know why am so nervous of him? this have been with me all the time i can feel he is here to watch me all the time! this nervousness that i have now is really nervous and really shy conditions i don’t know why this happening to me right now

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>////////////////////////////////////< (cover my very shy face)I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE OMG >////////////////////////////////////////<

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